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About us - Arts and Crafts


Arts and Crafts, inspired by the mystics of India, is a journey that look forward to discover and celebrate India and its traditions. Traditional handicrafts and home decor runs through the soul of India, vividly crafting each home and living experience with its individual colours, patterns and premium handcrafted selection.


Arts and Crafts is a collaborative effort of designers and sellers that fuel the young creative minds in India, empower the skilled, and improve their lives in a sustainable fashion.


In cooperation with our regional partners, Arts and Crafts offers finest quality, handcrafted products, handmade designs, authentic material and handicrafts, high-quality and precise handicrafts that truly are the reflection of every Indian soul.


Our range of products is perfectly in-sync with the latest international trends fused with our Indian fundamentals and heritage.


We believe in preserving the environment with our sincere efforts of encouraging the consumption of handicrafts that are based on natural products and eco-friendly resources. Our wholehearted, cordial efforts have helped us become a trustworthy brand in the eyes of people across the globe.


Arts and Crafts is a profoundly luxury home decor, arts and handicrafts store that has been conferred and awarded by multiple authorities in the past 20 years, since our inception. The prestigious awards showered upon us are the true reflection of our spirit, our grandeur, and the in-depth research and effort we put in to cater to the necessities of art fanatics from all sectors around the globe. We stimulate their growth by meeting their needs through our exemplified handicrafts.


Our business model


Arts and Crafts was incorporated with a single goal in mind: to bridge the gap between the Indian craftsmen and the international art lovers. We work to fulfil this goal every single day by eliminating the middlemen, and directly getting you and the artisans and handicrafts people to get in touch. This offers the Indian artisans the blessing and boost they require. Eliminating the middleman ceases the price game, under-payment and other drawbacks and restrictions in terms of pricing and creativity.